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Christmas Cruise 2010 on Royal Caribbean from NJ

Cruise Freek Forums present 2010 Christmas Cruise aboard Royal Caribbean from Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ. We will be offering a pre-cruise package in Manhattan complete with hotel, sightseeing, dinner and an evening performance at Radio City.

Written by Cruise Freek Forums Member Ajani

Cruise Freek Forums Present:

Our Annual Christmas/New Year's Sailing in 2010 we are pleased to announce

Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas**
from Cape Liberty, Bayonne, New Jersey



We've started an opt-in list for our second annual Christmas cruise. In 2010, we'll be sailing from Cape Liberty Bayonne, NJ aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. We will be offering a pre-cruise package in Manhattan complete with hotel, sightseeing, dinner and an evening performance of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and transfers to Bayonne, NJ the morning of sailing.

Our group cruises are escorted by the assigned travel agent and, we encourage those interested to sign up for our opt-in list. Booking with us in April, 2009 will insure the best cabin selection along with group amenities that only we will be offering. Come experience the Cruise Freek Forums difference!

**Tentative pending ship assignment announcement from Royal Caribbean in April, 2009

Sign up Today!

Cruise Freek Forums - About our Groups

Cruise Freek Forums Unlike other cruise message boards, our group cruises are formed by our members and, handled by Cruise Freek Forums affiliate travel agents. We know there are many rumors floating around that Cruise Freek travel agents kickback commission to the board owner, however, that simply isn't true. Cruise Freeks earns it's revenue strictly through advertising.

Furthermore, we realize that sometimes doing business on the Internet can be risky. That is why Cruise Freek Forums screens their affiliated travel agents well before allowing them to become Official Travel Agents. They must be CLIA members in good standing and meet other criteria to insure everyone you are in good hands. You can rest assured you are dealing with a professional travel agent when you book a Cruise Freek Forums group.

The big difference between other cruise board travel agencies, or, frankly your current travel agent is that Cruise Freek Forums affiliated travel agents aren't just order takers. You can be assured quality, caring, professional service from start to finish, and, the assigned travel agent travels with the group to insure a smooth and highly enjoyable cruise experience.

We take pride in going that extra step to make our groups special - including NOT forcing socialization. We understand not everyone wants to be social and be forced into activities, therefore, our groups are always open to those who just wish to enjoy the perks of group travel such as pricing or amenities - without the group hassles!

Why Book So Early?

We form our groups early. For nearly every cruiser, the most important factor in a cruise is cost. Therefore, in order to obtain the best prices for you, we form our groups a year or more before the actual sailing. We realize many of you cannot understand why booking so far away from the sail date is necessary but, it is to save you money! Remember - you only need to place the deposit, not the full amount and also your deposit is refundable. The money we save you by booking and depositing early will certainly outweigh any interest you might accumulate in your bank.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cruise Freek Christmas Cruise in 2010 from Cape Liberty NJ

Cruise Freek Forums is proud to offer both peak and off-peak group cruise opportunities and, in 2010 we're thrilled to be offering a Christmas/New Year's cruise aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines from Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ.

We will be offering a pre-cruise package in Manhattan for those interested which will include hotel, dinner and an evening performance of the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. Transfers from Manhattan to Bayonne, NJ to the cruise terminal.

What's the appeal of cruising from a cold weather port? With over 15 million people in the immediate New York City metropolitan area, there is a lot of people who enjoy cruising but, who don't want to fly, especially during the holidays. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy a Holiday cruise without the hassles of flying. And, for those who don't live in the immediate area - it is a wonderful time to visit New York since the city is at it's best during the Holiday season - from Rockefeller Center to the department store window displays - Manhattan can only be described as magical during the Christmas season. It's truly something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

While Cruise Freek Forums is waiting for the release of the itinerary in April, 2009, it's expect that the ship will remain Explorer of the Seas which has been homeported in Bayonne, NJ for the past several years on a year round basis. In the meantime, you are invited to join our opt-in list to be kept up-to-date on pricing, itinerary and other information such as the pre-cruise package once it is finalized. Click the following link to join the opt-in list: ... and then take a few moments to visit our dedicated website for this sailing. While the dedicated website is under construction, you're still invited to browse:

Cruise Freek Forums does anticipate this sailing to be a sell out. Those who join our opt-in list will have first choice of cabins and the best pricing available and therefore, if you are even somewhat interested, you are encouraged to join our opt-in list: ...

Cruise Freek Forums group cruises take the hassles out of the group. While we always have group activities for those who are interested, you are never forced or pressured to join. Our group motto is "It's your time, it's your vacation" and, if you want to book simply for pricing and amenities, we always welcome you!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Christmas Cruise Opportunities 2009, 2010 and 2011

Cruise Freek Forums Christmas/New Years Cruises in 2009, 2010 and 2011

ImageCruise Freek Forums is very happy to present the following cruises during the Christmas & New Years Holidays:

In 2009 we are heading to the Caribbean aboard Queen Mary 2. This round trip sailing from New York is 15 nights and is currently open for booking. For more information click the link below.

In 2010 will be returning to the Caribbean aboard Royal Caribbean sailing round trip from Bayonne, New Jersey. Bookings for this sailing will open in April, 2009 and we are offering a wonderful pre-cruise package in Manhattan complete with transfers to NJ for the cruise.

In 2011, we are attempting to form a luxury group aboard Crystal Cruise Lines sailing from Miami, Florida. Place your email on our opt-in list to be kept up to date and receive ocassional emails regarding this exciting cruise opportunity.

Join us for one or all of these sailings!

2009 Cunard QM2 Christmas and New Years

2010 Royal Caribbean from Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ

2011 Crystal Cruise Lines - Group Now Forming For Christmas/New Years

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Christmas Cruise 2010 - Cruise For Charity

It all started with a group cruise Cruise Freek Forums is organizing for charity in association with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in October, 2010. And, the idea has taken off like wildfire, seems most of the people on Cruise Freek Forums care about their fellow human beings and, therefore, a number of our cruises will be making donations in association with our cruise groups.

What does this mean exactly, usually it will mean instead of $100 on-board credit, you'll get $50 and the other $50 goes to charity. You still get your cruise and, you get to do something for someone else you really needs your help. Now, you can support group cruises on other boards who do nothing or you can join us and make your trip worthwhile for you and someone else.

For the 2010 Christmas sailing, we are once again aligning ourselves with Toys For Tots.

It all starts by you placing your email on our opt-in list located here:

Then check out the dedicated website for this sailing which is still under construction:

And then join us on Cruise Freek Forums to discuss this wonderful sailing and pre-cruise activities:

Join us today!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cruisin' from the Jersey Side Christmas 2010

We're beginning to build up a head of steam on Cruise Freek Forums for our 2010 Christmas and New Year's sailing from Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ. We are up to 18 opt ins on our email list and, we're beginning to get more hits daily. A lot of people get nervous that we're just collecting email addresses for spam purposes, nothing could be further from the truth. Why don't you come over to Cruise Freek Forums to see it for yourself. Here's the link:

Additionally, our site owner and administrator has taken the time to build us a dedicated website:

And, frankly, only the most of paranoid of people would question whether or not if this is legitimate. Well, we already have a travel agent assigned to the group and her information can be found here:

We are the real deal. Yes, Cruise Freek Forums is new and still very unknown however, we're making ourselves known and, we are a highly reputable organization. Cruise Freek Forums has already earned a 5 star reputation on Merchant's Circle: and has some of the most reputable travel agents in the business associated with us.

So now that you know we're legtimate, let's talk about this Holiday Christmas cruise in 2010. Our threads on Cruise Freeks are beginning to attract more board members and you're invited to join us to discuss this fantastic cruise opportunity.

We're going to be cruising from the Jersey side!

Cape Liberty
Cape Liberty

Join us for a fun filled
Christmas/New Year's Holiday Cruise
in 2010 aboard
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines from
Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ
with optional pre-cruise package in
New York City!

Sign up for our opt-in email list to be kept up to date regarding pricing, amenities, pre-cruise packages, itinerary and more!

To place your name on our opt-in list simply click the link below:

You are free to unsubscribe at any time and you will not receive SPAM mail. Only updates about this specific sailing and very occasional other offers from Cruise Freek Forums.

Join us!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cruising with Cruise Freeks

  1. Grand Princess - Caribbean Holiday Cruise- December 19, 2008
  2. Celebrity Solstice in Europe - May 25, 2009
  3. Explorer of the Seas - Bermuda - June 20, 2009
  4. Queen Mary 2 - New England/Canada - July 1, 2009
  5. Radiance of the Seas - Alaska - July 17, 2009
  6. Celebrity Equinox Inaugural - Europe - August 8, 2009
  7. Mariner of the Seas - Mexico - October 11, 2009
  8. Project Genesis Inaugural Sailing - Fall, 2009
  9. Queen Mary 2 - Caribbean Holiday Cruise - December 20, 2009
Coming in 2010:

Radiance of the Seas - South America featuring 3 nights in Rio during Carnival, 11 nights February 10, 2010

Celebrity Solstice - Caribbean President's Week - February 14, 2010

Celebrity Millennium
- Hawaii to Vancouver, 15 night repositioning cruise departing April 9, 2010

Disney for Easter - 3 Night Cruise/4 Night Park Combination for Easter week 2010

4th of July week - Princess Cruise Lines from NYC

Holiday Cruise - Royal Caribbean from NJ

Spring/Summer - Cunard European Cruise

Fall - Cunard Inaugural of the NEW Queen Elizabeth

Cruise Freeks is proud to offer BOTH PEAK AND OFF PEAK WEEK GROUP CRUISES!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holiday Cruise from Bayonne NJ in 2010

I emailed the admin of Cruise Freek Forums to see how we're doing for the opt-in list, we're at 14 and have been for a while. We need to stir up interest in this sailing. So, here's the link for the opt-in list:

And here's the website the admin is building for us:

I'll start blogging more but in the meantime, if the 2010 holiday cruise from Bayonne, NJ is of interest to you please sign up!

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